Hello there, I'm Jack Welsh (see hardly clever title).

Right then, simple idea - document trials, tribulations and hopefully a couple of good moments across the (current) journey that is higher education.

Might be interesting or completely boring. You can be the judge of that.

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Saturday, 24 December 2011


Not rejects from snow white and the seven dwarfs, but the way I decided to head into applying to uni. Luckily though I believe I've managed to scrape through successfully...ish. (*warning advice aplenty)

(Long boring Post as background info - also terribly written, if quality doesn't get better I'll hire someone else to write this.)

Having finished my 3rd year at college in June I hadn't given much thought (or cared) about applying uni, got plenty of time right. As December arrived 1 month and a bit left for the deadline, lets go for it (*Hindsight should have done it earlier).

Never bothered to go to tutorial so didn't really know much about UCAS (*Should have gone). Now its not the hardest application form to fill out, nor is it the easiest (took me forever to find AS level in the education section, its listed as Advanced Subsidiary whoops).
(*If your out of college/school when applying, I wouldn't recommend getting a reference through 'options > ask a registered college/school to provide reference'. It caused me a load of hassle, sorting that mess out. Just go into col and ask if you can apply as if your a student, haven't explained very well here, can elaborate if asked).

The hardest parts for me were choosing a course, harder again picking a uni. There was about 25 courses that offered some interest to me. Eventually I decided to pick what I was best at = law (A at a-level boom), and oh yer, I have a keen interest in law, well it says so on my personal statement anyways. (Will upload PS after I've had all decisions made - must be slightly alright I guess, had 1 offer so far).

To find a uni I literally investigated all of them that teach Law (115 off the top of my head), graded them on; whether I can get in on my UCAS points (Technically 420 - A-levels A,C,C,D,D - AS C + Key Skills - really though only worth 300ish), on the facilities and services offered in regards to law, how much they seem to care about teaching law (as in not just a law school for the sake of having one) and slightly from the ranking tables of 'The Guardian' and 'The Times'. As shown in the five choices I whittled it down to (a mixture of gut feelings, research and most importantly wishful thinking).

Bristol UWE (Mainly chosen because I wanted to go to Bristol uni but my grades were nowhere near good enough)
CU - 61/53    G – 59/41
Law LLB - 300 (Innocence Project/Mock Court) - M100

Sheffield Hallem (Seemed like law is an important subject at this uni)
(Law clinic/Law in Practice - potential work abroad/Innocence Project/Moot Court)
CU - 62/71    G - 65/47
Law LLB with Criminology - 300 - M1M9 (Preferably want joint honours)

Nottingham Trent (Liked the uni)
(Mock Courtroom/Family/Law Clinic)
CU - 55/44    G - 67/50
LLB Law with Criminology - 280 - M1L3

Birmingham City (kicks and giggles)
(Mock Court Rooms/Possible Placements/Law Clinic/Possible Abroad)
CU - 66/57    G - 90/79
Law LLB with Criminology - 280

Plymouth (Why not)
(Innocence Project/Law Clinic)
CU - 53/82    G - 47/53
Law LLB - 300 - M200

Application sent off 15th Dec. Fairly happy with it, you win some. you lose some.
Well those are my choices, had 1 offer so far will talk about it in next post (Hook and capture readers attention - check).

 **In Other News: I'm feeling about as Christmasy as the Easter bunny at the moment, but I've been told you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why - 

Friday, 23 December 2011

Gotta be starting something

Right then here it is the foundation to this pointless blog, that nobody will read. Optimism is key.

I'm creating this as firstly as an almost warped guide for uni life from the application process (where I am now) to graduation .... hopefully. In addition to all the stuff in between, which I will document as I see fit.

Anyways all will become apparent as time goes on. This certainly won't be the best post (rough as you like after a bottle of rum yesterday - big mistake), and I guess it'll be a bit long, as to fit in an into. Any questions about anything please feel free to ask.

Straight into it - I'm Jack Welsh a 19 year Welshman from the town Neath in South West Wales. I like; watching football (Swansea City FC) and playing , cooking, writing and as is necessary in a 'likes' list -- music.Worked in a catering business for 2 years, now as a retail supervisor in an inconvenience store. Currently on my gap year to politely put it.

I've been in education for 15 years now, what fun. Averageish is the best way to sum up results from this time. 10 GCSEs (3 As, 4Bs, 3Cs) 5 A-levels, A - Law, C - Politics, C - Sociology, D - Business Studies, D - Psychology and 1 AS, C - Philosophy. Technically that gives me around 420 UCAS points (with Key Skills).
I've bored myself so far so I'll leave it till the next exciting post to talk about the fun of applying, just for everyone that hasn't completed it yet.
**In Other news: In what plaudits are calling beardgate, my decision not to shave for awhile (face obv) is finally paying dividends as a slightly hairy chin, thin sideburns and a comedy moustache really does do wonders for my looks.