Hello there, I'm Jack Welsh (see hardly clever title).

Right then, simple idea - document trials, tribulations and hopefully a couple of good moments across the (current) journey that is higher education.

Might be interesting or completely boring. You can be the judge of that.

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Friday, 23 December 2011

Gotta be starting something

Right then here it is the foundation to this pointless blog, that nobody will read. Optimism is key.

I'm creating this as firstly as an almost warped guide for uni life from the application process (where I am now) to graduation .... hopefully. In addition to all the stuff in between, which I will document as I see fit.

Anyways all will become apparent as time goes on. This certainly won't be the best post (rough as you like after a bottle of rum yesterday - big mistake), and I guess it'll be a bit long, as to fit in an into. Any questions about anything please feel free to ask.

Straight into it - I'm Jack Welsh a 19 year Welshman from the town Neath in South West Wales. I like; watching football (Swansea City FC) and playing , cooking, writing and as is necessary in a 'likes' list -- music.Worked in a catering business for 2 years, now as a retail supervisor in an inconvenience store. Currently on my gap year to politely put it.

I've been in education for 15 years now, what fun. Averageish is the best way to sum up results from this time. 10 GCSEs (3 As, 4Bs, 3Cs) 5 A-levels, A - Law, C - Politics, C - Sociology, D - Business Studies, D - Psychology and 1 AS, C - Philosophy. Technically that gives me around 420 UCAS points (with Key Skills).
I've bored myself so far so I'll leave it till the next exciting post to talk about the fun of applying, just for everyone that hasn't completed it yet.
**In Other news: In what plaudits are calling beardgate, my decision not to shave for awhile (face obv) is finally paying dividends as a slightly hairy chin, thin sideburns and a comedy moustache really does do wonders for my looks.

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